Landscape Visualizations using Twinmotion and Unreal Engine

News 15 March 2021

Michal Cieciura and Dr. Simon Campion were invited by Landscape Institute North West to introduce the merits of using Unreal Engine and Twinmotion in 3D and VR landscape visualizations. The meeting took place via Zoom as part of cyclical webinars organized for the British Landscape Architecture industry.

Simon focused on showing the simplicity and intuitiveness of Twinmotion. He was showcasing functionalities that we believe are the most useful for landscape architects. Those included the rapid population of space with plants and the ability to observe the different stages of plant growth. In addition, we mentioned click and drag functionalities, including animation of water or plants in specific weather conditions, and through it the ability to build live scenes. Simon shared a short video on the creation of Europe’s largest gardening project – the Bridgewater Garden made by the Royal Horticultural Society. It is a unique investment aimed at restoring the historic grounds of Worsley New Hall (located right next to the oldest water canal in England – the Bridgewater Canal).

Michal took a more technical position in this presentation. He focused mainly on the usability, personalization, and the power of automation in the Unreal Engine. The most important observation from his presentation is that the engine allows for effective streamlining of processes in the landscaping industry. According to what Michal shared, the process planning and implementation, including model exports, defining the physical aspects of projects, selecting plant sets, etc., can all be set up as part of an initial investment, which is to simplify and accelerate the work of landscape architects. Thanks to this type of workflow, architectural companies are able to speed up the visualization process, while also automating it to some extent.

This meeting was extremely valuable for our team, as the engineering and architectural industry remains one of the main market players in which Unreal Engine solutions are already applicable. We look forward to connecting with people interested in this area.