Over 1 billion points in real-time – visualizing the Paroo Station

Case Study 30 July 2019

Visualizing the Paroo Station dataset in real-time was one of our most challenging projects. But it was also an incredible opportunity to push the technology farther than we thought was possible.

When Johan Germishuys, Manager of Digital / Innovation at SNC-Lavalin first approached us, our plugin was capable of handling assets with a point count of about 100 million (and that required high-end hardware GPU). He needed it to handle over 1 billion…

Several months later, we turned this seemingly impossible task into a reality – 1.1 billion points, running at real-time framerate, powered by Unreal Engine and our upcoming version of the point cloud plugin.

“I had the privilege of working with Michal Cieciura and the Unreal team on developing and defining parts of the roadmap for the LiDAR point cloud plugin. No idea was too big or challenging for Michal to take on, and he always brought competent and simple to use solutions to the table.

I would recommend anyone to engage with him on any project, as I would have full confidence in his work and the level of professionalism demonstrated thru-out the engagement that we had with him and the team at Epic.

We were able to quickly work through prototypes and brainstormed on ideas around how to stream larger data sets, and how to query portions of the LiDAR data. Both of which are currently being used extensively within our business today. I look forward to seeing where the work that Michal is doing with respect to the LiDAR plugin goes, and hope to have the opportunity to work with him on other projects.” – Johan was one of the very first users of our plugin!