Our team has worked with and developed for a wide range of display devices – from large, immersive CAVE environments to VR and AR wearables – as well as a spectrum of user input methods – from simple controllers to pose tracking and gesture detection.

Virtual Reality

In virtual reality presence is the feeling of being there, it is created by being immersed in virtual reality hardware. Heighten clients’ sense of presence within your projects by including support for all major VR platforms – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Valve Index. We can optimize your interaction mechanics to provide the most efficient and flexible solutions for your users and create bespoke user interfaces to meet your needs..

Touch Devices

Utilize a plethora of touch-enabled devices like phones, tablets, or even large touch tables, to provide your users with the best possible means of interacting with your applications.

Spatially Immersive Environment

CAVEs are room-sized installations utilizing a number of projectors or screens all around the user. This setup allows free movement while maintaining a very high level of immersion, especially when combined with 3D glasses.

Pixel Streaming

Pixel streaming conveniently delivers high-quality digital content even to low-end mobile devices by utilizing scalable cloud rendering solutions. Removing the need for a quality reduction based on the client’s hardware and providing the best experience possible for the user.