LiDAR Point Cloud Plugin

Phoboz Interactive created a bespoke point cloud visualisation plugin for Unreal Engine 4. This plugin has been developed to aid Unreal Engine 4 users in importing, visualising and processing point clouds acquired from laser scanning devices. After successfully winning an Epic Mega Grant to further develop the plugin, we were delighted to be approached by the Epic team with a view to making the plugin part of the official engine.  Since then, the plugin has become even more feature rich and is being utilised within multiple sectors, notably within the AEC community.

Key Features:

  • Native support for drag-and-drop importing
  • Support for ASCII (TXT, XYZ, PTS) and LAS files
  • Runtime importing and exporting of data
  • Asynchronous importing of data
  • Supports Dynamic Shadows, both as a caster and a receiver
  • Dynamic Level-of-Detail system and GPU streaming allow for loading large assets
  • Multiple coloration techniques (like RGB, Intensity, Elevation, Classification)
  • Rendering data as points or splats
  • Allows asynchronous, runtime data modification
  • Blueprint support
  • Implements Eye-Dome Lighting technique, to improve shape accentuation
  • Extensive Color Adjustments

Watch the LiDAR Point Clouds Feature Highlight for Unreal Engine 4.25

Watch the LiDAR Point Clouds Feature Highlight for Unreal Engine 4.24