Solutions Architect Support

Looking for support with proof-of-concept? Speak to our Unreal Engine accredited consultants to turn your vision into a living, breathing reality.

It starts with an idea…

Whether it’s a Digital Twin, interactive simulation, 3D animation or art, we all need to start somewhere. Come to us with even a seed of an idea, and we’ll explore the best solutions for you. This will involve:

  1. An initial consultation to discuss what you want to achieve
  2. An explanation of the best technologies to achieve your goal
  3. Dynamic prototypes to see your ideas on paper.

With this solution support, you can build a business case for your project and secure funding or sales from interested parties. And it doesn’t stop there.

Long-term technical assistance

Once your idea has blossomed into a full project plan, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Work with Unreal Engine experts to keep your project on track and mitigate problems.

Take it to the next level

Your idea shouldn’t stay locked up in your head. Experience live visualisations, vivid colours and graphics like you’ve never seen before. All you need is the vision.

Nothing should hold you back – which is why we also offer continuous integration and deployment infrastructure to keep your project on track.