We use the latest rendering techniques to produce realistic lighting conditions, shadows, reflections, and translucency. Unreal Engine 4 supports real-time ray-tracing technology, allowing for the most accurate results within an interactive visualization. Giving the client the chance to see your design from any angle, enabling you to spot potential design issues at an early stage before your build starts.

Interior Designs

We can produce interactive interiors allowing users to change any material colors and textures, or even drag and drop furniture within a space. We can work from plans or your CAD/BIM data before combining this with a vast library of high-quality assets, we can quickly customize the scene for your desired end result – from selecting different lighting conditions to choosing the right shade of lemon for your pillow covers.

Landscapes and Nature

We can produce visualizations of the built and natural environment. Incorporating elements of the Landscape Architecture, we can help you produce high-quality planting plan visualizations for your investments. Whether you are building a new public park or a landscaped residential development, we can help you visualize it.

Urban Planning

We can create visualizations of large areas, from city-scale to small neighbourhoods. Giving you the ability to drop in new developments to existing areas to check sight lines and understand how the new and old work together, then interactively change materials to make the new more complimentary to the old. For those who want more, we can also add data to our models allowing you to display building or occupancy information.